Long Telescopic Chimney Extension for Dekor Glass (KIT01609/1)


The Dekor Glass Long Telescopic Chimney Kit allows you to install your range hood in kitchens with ceiling heights up to 10'. Creating the perfect fit is easy. The grade of stainless is identical, which ensures a match to the original hood. The telescopic feature is infinitely adjustable and offers a distinct advantage over conventional fixed chimney extensions by enabling the hood to be installed at varying heights without cutting or modification.



Product Features

  • Dekor Glass
    • Ducted Installation
      • Ceiling Height Range: 7’6″ – 10’0″
      • Product Min/Max Height (grates covered): 29.38″ – 50″
    • Recirculating Installation
      • Ceiling Height Range: 7’9″ – 10’3″
      • Product Min/Max Height (grates exposed): 33″ – 55.88″
  • One (1) Year Parts and Labor Warranty – Arietta will provide all labor and in-home service to replace any defective parts.