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Garda Insert Range Hood by Arietta


Insert Hoods by Arietta

An insert hood or a cabinet insert hood provides a customized approach to a modern kitchen design. An insert hood installs within the cabinetry above the stove or cooktop. It comes with standard range hood features such as blowers, speed controls, and lighting systems but does not come with a fully functional ventilation system like other range hood varieties.  

An insert hood is best used as the anchor for a custom-designed hood because it has the skeleton and all the base features needed for proper ventilation.

This direction also allows you to design a vent system that seamlessly matches the layout of your culinary space. 

Arietta Argo Range Hood - Stainless Steel Insert Range Hood


28-1/4″W x 10-3/4″D x 9-1/2″H
400 CFM, 3-Speed Internal Blower
Min 0.7 – Max 6.6 Sones (Noise)

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Arietta Garda Range Hood - Stainless Steel Insert Range Hood


28-1/4″W x 10-3/4″D x 14-9/16″H
600 CFM, 3-Speed Internal Blower
Min 2.0 – Max 8.1 Sones (Noise)

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